Our Work

The SmartGov team has a long history working across all facets of local government. We have years of practical experience in improving organisations.

The breadth of our experience and expertise is demonstrated by the team members’ past projects and initiatives:

Service review research project

Conducted research for a Government agency exploring service review methodologies across Australia. The project looked at the processes and outcomes for service reviews conducted by councils

Service review kit

Provided service review and improvement kit to all Queensland councils. It was funded by the State Government under its local government capacity building program

Asset maintenance maturity assessment

Developed a maintenance maturity assessment framework, used to gauge the level of maturity of current maintenance management practices and identify improvement opportunities

University course on service enhancement

Developed and coordinated a University course on reviewing and enhancing local government services. Also incorporated our service review methodologies into other University programs

Service delivery review manual

Assisted with the development of a comprehensive service delivery review manual for a Government agency, drawing upon findings from SmartGov’s research work

Online networking forum

Established and coordinated an online networking and resource sharing forum. The group was dedicated to the ongoing review and improvement of local government services

Services and activities review framework

Developed and implemented a services and activities review framework for a Tasmanian City Council. Training workshops were also held on asset management and procurement services

Organisation-wide service review program

Designed and facilitated an organisation-wide service review program for a large NSW Council. 65 services were reviewed with over $4 million in savings

Service review guidelines

Assisted the UTS Centre for Local Government with establishing service review guidelines at a Sydney metropolitan Council. This included training workshops

Pilot service reviews

Undertook pilot reviews to embed a new service review framework. The reviews covered city parks, recreation, community and cultural development services. Also undertook a peer assessment of development application service review

City assets division restructure

Participated in a workshop to review and realign the structure of an assets division. This included identifying issues and opportunities for improvement

Vegetation maintenance review

Undertook a review of vegetation maintenance service and activities. This identified improvements to processes, budgets and levels of service

Integration of WHS and risk management

Reviewed WHS and risk management to achieve greater alignment and integration. Included an assessment of processes and procedures, and development of a new enterprise risk management framework

Development of capital works system

Developed a new system for managing capital works programs. This covered all aspects including business case, planning, whole-of-life costing, design, risk management, construction, and commissioning

Forward capital work system

Developed a forward capital works workbook system for planning and managing 10-year capital works programs. The system was aligned with to the long-term financial plan to ensure funding was identified

Rates and debt management review

Facilitated an in-house review of rates and debt management processes. This formed part of an overall program to enhance customer experience

Asset management strategy

Developed an asset management strategy to comply with the NSW Integrated Planning & Reporting framework. This incorporated findings from an asset management maturity audit

Sub-division engineering standards

Established a process for the review and ongoing updating of sub-division engineering design and construction standards for a city council

Integrated management system

Developed an integrated management system to AS/ISO standards for quality, safety and environmental management. This was the first in Australia to achieve certification against the three standards across all of a council’s functions

Land rezoning management system

Developed and implemented a ‘user pays’ system for managing land rezonings. This provided a streamlined and customer-focused process, and significantly increased revenue

Field staff competency system

Developed a competency based ‘Works Assistant’ system for field staff that promoted multiskilling, flexibility and efficiency in the workplace. Positions were combined under a single classification

Road maintenance unit rates

Undertook a comparison of unit prices for road maintenance activities to review the efficiency of various service providers for the Queensland state road authority

National heavy vehicle accreditation scheme

Reviewed the business rules for the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme for the National Transport Commission

Pavement management system

Implemented a pavement management system within a council, and participated in a NSW Pavement Management System working party

Environmental department review

Undertook a review of an Environmental department’s systems, processes and administrative functions to identify improvements and savings

Estimating system

Developed a workbook estimating system that was successfully used for infrastructure construction works for over 10 years

Contract plant performance system

Developed a contract plant and truck performance and safety compliance system for a civil construction operations

Publications and articles

Contributed to various publications and articles on improving local government services. Co-authored a paper on service reviews with a renowned academic and a council CEO, titled “Bottom-up Internal Reform in Australian Local Government”


Participated in presentations on reviewing and improving local government services at various conferences and events. These included:

  • Institute of Internal Auditors conference in Sydney
  • Benchmarking Best Practice in Local Government conference in Sydney
  • LGMA Integrated Planners Group forum in Sydney
  • Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) forum in Sydney
  • LGNSW workshop in Sydney
  • LG Professionals workshop in Sydney

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